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Flat Roofing Northampton

Meeting the challenges posed by flat roofing in Northampton is something that we at Premier Roofing Systems don’t just meet but exceed. Our company is dedicated to ensuring that buildings in Northampton which feature flat roofing – be they garages, commercial premises or residential properties – provide the most secure and highest levels of benefit possible. As well as ensuring that the roof is leak-free and weather-proofed, we will also ensure that the highest level of energy efficiency benefit is drawn from it.

A major problem with flat roofing in the UK is ensuring that it performs its primary, most important function – keeping the rain away from the inside of a building. Unlike sloped roofing, flat roofing does not allow for a natural run off of water. If the roofing is not put in place to perfection people can experience puddles and build ups of water from storms on their roofs. Avoiding this is of paramount importance, as the build up of pressure from them will create cracks and leaks.

At Premier Roofing we have all the means and expertise required to ensure that this problem does not affect you. Our thermographic, infra red roof surveying equipment allows us to get a precise image of your roofing, enabling us to identify weaknesses and build ups of water and moisture. We can also find hairline cracks that may otherwise be undetected by standard visual inspections. Using this surveying approach on flat roofing in Northampton allows us to ensure we address and repair only the areas which need to be dealt with, helping you avoid the inconvenience – and expense – of replacing the whole roof.

We also fit the most effective means of weather proofing and water proofing for your flat roofing. We know that there is no “one size fits all” solution to roofing, and we make sure most resilient and reliable coating, cladding and covering is put in place for your unique circumstances. The world class level of work we carry out is unrivalled, but for your peace of mind we always back both the roofing systems we install and the workmanship with extensive warranties and guarantees.

From our base in Great Oakley we are passionate about ensuring Northampton experiences the very best benefits of flat roofing. Whether it is a minor repair, a regular level of routine maintenance or replacement that you need, with us you are assured of having it carried out to the highest levels of quality possible.

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