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Roof Leak Northampton

Leaky roofs are a common issue that can be hugely challenging to resolve. Locating the source of a leak is very difficult and will normally require the services of a professional roofer. This raises issues in itself because you want to select an honest contractor who will do a good job.

Premier Roofing Systems is the leading authority when it comes to leaky roofs in Northampton. We have been based in the area for many years and understand the demands of clients and the pressure put on roofs by the unpredictable weather. We can effectively locate leaks and resolve the issues in a swift manner.

The leading causes of leaky roofs are broken or missing masonry, cracked or deteriorated mortar, damaged flashing and clogged guttering or issues with drainage. Poorly fitted roofing components, chimneys and solar panels can also lead to leaks, especially if they are wrongly sealed.

Before conducting roof repairs Premier Roofing Systems offer a thorough initial survey that will locate the source of your leak and help us to quote you a price for the repair. The survey is also useful because it can help to uncover hidden damages and issues that you aren’t aware of, helping you to find solutions before they become more serious.

Our repair services are delivered by professional roofing contractors. All work is covered by a full warranty and guarantee on workmanship. We can arrange for fast call outs in an emergency to get your property watertight as quickly as possible. 

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