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Roofers in Birmingham

With many years of experience and a vast wealth of knowledge to call upon, Premier Roofing Systems are considered to be the best available roofers in Birmingham today. Our combination of the finest traditions of British workmanship with the latest in available technology from around the world means that you get the most complete and comprehensive service level experience possible. We are committed to presenting residents and businesses in the Birmingham area with the assured roof maintenance and repair service they know they can trust and depend upon.

We offer a full range of services, going from assessing and repairing the slightest of faults all the way through to being able to replace and rebuild your roofing. Whether your building features a flat or a pitched roofing, our skills and abilities ensure comprehensive, long lasting work is carried out. Our accredited membership of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, along with our proven track record of success, gives you the assurance you are looking for that we are the best in the business.

Of the technology we use in carrying out or work for you there can be little doubt that our infra-red scanning service is what makes us the most in-demand roofers in Birmingham. The thermographic image we attain from this allows us to see and identify every possible problem with your roof, no matter how slight. Not only is this system far faster than a visual inspection, but it is also able to detect cracks and build ups of moisture that it would be impossible to detect with the naked eye. In being able to detect problems and potential issues at an early stage we are able to address and fix them before they turn into major, costly roofing disasters.

As much as we appreciate being able to use technology like the infra-red roof scanning, we know that when it comes to the actual work, nothing beats the abilities of skilled staff. Our team of roofers are imbued with the traditions and talents that have made British craftsmanship the envy of the world. Advanced technology and tools are only as good as the people who use them, and at Premier Roofing Systems we are proud to have the best of the best working for us, delivering world class work to you.

The protection your roof gives your home or business is valuable, and something you don’t want to see compromised. Ensuring that the services of Premier Roofing Systems are working for you is your way of guaranteeing you experience no problems with it.

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