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Roofers in Northampton

Premier Roofing Systems are the tried, tested and trusted name for those looking for the finest roofers in Northampton. From minor repairs to full replacement, our company are dedicated to delivering the best service possible to residential and commercial roofing. We are passionate about making sure the most perfect roofing possible is in place throughout the region. We make sure that you get the best benefits possible from your roofing.

For many years people were content to have roofing in place that serviced its prime purpose. This is to say that so long as it kept the rain out and provided shelter a roof was considered to be doing its job. In this day and age, however, we appreciate the importance of a roof doing much more. With heating and electricity costs perpetually rising, making a building as energy efficient as possible is a priority for us all. Making sure your roof is well maintained and insulated is essential to ensuring an energy efficient building. Our use of the latest technology and techniques, always backed by the best of British workmanship, ensures that you have this in place.

We are leaders in the field of meeting the increasing demand for green roofing to be installed. Introducing plant life to the roofing of your building – in particular flat roofed commercial properties – is a highly effective way of increasing both the waterproofing and insulation qualities of it. Premier Roofing Systems can design and install green roofing suitable for all buildings featuring flat roofing, whether you want to be able to access the roofing or just leave it to work for you.

Whether you have flat or pitched roofing, at Premier Roofing Systems we have the skills and abilities required to address any and all issues with it, making sure that it functions to optimal levels. Our use of infra-red scanning technology allows us to obtain an thermographic image of the condition of your roof, identifying both cracks that would be invisible to the naked human eye and revealing any areas of where moisture and dampness have built up. This approach allows us to present a far more efficient level of work for you, addressing and repairing only the parts of your roofing that need work carrying out on them.

As the leading roofers in Northampton, Premier Roofing Systems are dedicated to delivering the highest, world class quality of service available at the lowest, most competitive pricing possible. We are committed to making sure that the businesses and residents of Northampton experience nothing short of the best possible roofing work available in the UK.

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