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About Premier Roofing Systems

Our Mission

To deliver premium quality roofing projects that are sustainable, durable and safe. 

Our Vision

Our focus is our people, our practices, and the planet in everything that we do.

With a fresh approach to roofing contracting, we work transparently, considerately, and with integrity to deliver long lasting roofing projects.

We strive to influence change and make a positive difference, by demonstrating exemplary safe working methods and encouraging the selection of long-lasting sustainable products as a priority.

We actively seek out partners who share our values, collaboratively creating relationships built on mutual respect and trust.

Our Values

  • To lead in sustainable roofing project management and delivery
  • To work with dedication, transparency and integrity
  • To focus on safety and continually evolve our safe working methods
  • To find the most effective and practical solutions for our partners

Knowledge Across The Roofing Industry

Premier Roofing was founded in 2011 by Managing Director Ryan Monaghan.

Well known by his peers, Ryan knows the industry inside out, from top to bottom, (or the roof down). Ryan started out on the tools and has done pretty much every job in roofing to get to where he is today.

He understands the industry, its constraints, the various product solutions, unique customers’ requirements and how Health & Safety needs have evolved.

In summary, he knows every element of a roofing project and what matters to the client.

Ryan believes in a personable yet knowledgeable approach and has built a team around him with the different elements of roofing expertise needed to build a strong framework for a successful contracting partner.

Ashley Daker works alongside Ryan as Commercial Director.
Ashley’s expertise is strong in the selection of sustainable solutions to future-proof buildings. Prior to joining Premier, he worked for three well-known manufacturers spanning liquid, bituminous, and single-ply.

Ashley is an expert in the specification process who has assisted contractors and clients with CIF funding and supported them through the bid process for 10+ years.

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