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London Roofing Services

Welcome to our London Branch, if you are looking for roofing services in North London please direct your enquiry to our North London office:

0207 1381068

London, United Kingdom


Premier Roofing are the leading roofing contractors North London property owners call on to ensure the highest standards of service and excellence in work are in place. Our name is the most trusted in the region for emergency repairs, renovation and replacement work and long term maintenance programs designed to ensure you get the maximum efficiency and protection possible from your roofing.

Our maintenance contract clients have access to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for cases where emergency repairs are needed. Through our dedication to service we know that roofing problems do not always happen during standard office hours. The wellbeing and safety of our clients is always of paramount importance to us, which is why we make ourselves available to assist as soon as you notice a crack or experience a leaky roof.

UK map with a pin on London

When not handling emergency repairs for our valued clients, we are the number one roofing contractors North London has for ensuring the highest level of benefits possible from roofs are in place. Our coating and cladding systems offer maximum protection against the weather. We also introduce the most effective means of insulation suitable for your property, a factor which enhances the overall energy efficiency of your property. At Premier Roofing Systems we are also proud to be one of the leading names for creating green roofing solutions where appropriate. Green roofing gives you all the benefits of high insulation and weatherproofing whilst also being environmentally friendly.

No matter what the issue or requirement is that you have with your roofing we are able to address it. From standard maintenance checks and repairs to make sure your roofing is in order through to complete restoration and replacement, our team of professional roofers are guaranteed to deliver a solution that is both long lasting and destined to exceed your levels of expectation. All aspects of our work, from the materials used and system in place through to our workmanship, is backed with lengthy warranties and guarantees for your peace of mind.


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