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Roof Repairs London

We are proud of our reputation as the most trusted name in roof repairs in North London. Premier Roofing Systems are dedicated to bringing the latest technology to the ethos of traditional British work and craftsmanship, ensuring you get nothing short of the finest repair and restoration work carried out on your roofing.

Other than emergencies, such as where a leak is causing damage and needs to be fixed fast, we take measures to ensure all problems with you roofing are discovered and addressed. Often it’s the case that for every problem you can see with a visual inspection, another hidden one exists. By carrying out a survey with our infra red, thermographic equipment, we are able to see cracks that are effectively invisible to the naked eye, and identify build ups of water and moisture which have occurred as a consequence.

The approach to surveying for roof repairs in North London allows us to not only ensure all faults are repaired, but also that only the required work is carried out. This helps you avoid a situation where you are led to believe you must replace the whole of your roofing to ensure a problem is fixed. Should an entire roof need replacing then Premier Roofing Systems can carry this out for you, but in our experience it is quite rare that a roof is in such disrepair that it is required.

The repair work we carry out for you is conducted to the highest of world class standards. We can assist with all forms of coating, cladding and surfaces on sloped roofing. We are specialists when it comes to meeting the requirements of flat roofing, knowing the correct measures to put in place to ensure long lasting, sustained weather proofing.

All of the roof repairs in North London we carry out are backed with comprehensive warranties and guarantees on both the roofing system we put in place for you and the workmanship. We are confident that our record of no one ever claiming either will always be in place, but we are always happy to provide them for your peace of mind.

Whether you have some minor issues that need to be addressed or require a major, complex restoration, we can be counted on to deliver the greatest service for the most competitive rates. Premier Roofing Systems are the name known and trusted for delivering the roofing work and repairs North London can rely on.

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