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The Premier Difference

When working with us you have access to a number of knowledgeable and highly experienced people, as well as some simple and effective extended support services that have been designed to make your projects run smoothly, with minimal issues and downtime. These services are known as ‘The Premier Difference’. Click the headings below to find out more

Approachable and personable people

We are a medium sized family run business with a personal touch.

We support each of our partners with a dedicated contact who will be on hand to advise and assist you, giving peace of mind that you have someone who knows your project inside out, and a direct number to reach them on.

Advice and support where it’s needed

We are experienced and trusted advisors to all elements of a roofing project and can assist you through the bid and planning stage, right through to completion and sign-off.

We are also proficient in acting as a principal contractor. This involves us undertaking ancillary items such as internal redecoration, window replacements, LED lighting and suspended ceilings - effectively all aspects of a modern refurbishment, allowing you to focus your attention
on your next project.

We do the right thing, by you and the planet

We try to encourage ‘the right and responsible choice’ of product and solution selection when working with clients on specifications – the right choice for the project and for them, whilst being considerate of the wider world.

We only work with manufacturers with sustainable product offerings, that are continually evolving their own sustainable and durable solutions.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they are more expensive, but factors in benefits such as longer life-span, durability, and warranties meaning that the solution will last longer for our clients.

Transparent pricing from concept to completion

We make sure that our cost calculations and the quote that you receive are realistic from the beginning, so the final invoice is where you expect it to be.

We work collaboratively with you and our manufacturers from the start, so that we understand the entire project and highlight anything that we feel needs to be considered.

Working this way allows us to identify any potential issues up front to ensure the project comes in within budget and everyone is satisfied.

Always here when you need us

We don’t run away from problems.

If there are any issues during installation on-site or post completion, we offer a full support and after sales service.

Rest assured that we don’t hide away when things aren’t going as smooth.

We will always answer the phone to work through any items that require attention and come up with a suitable resolution for you.

We look after our people, and they look after us

Our long-lasting client relationships are built on reciprocal trust, reliability and continued on-site success.

We believe that our family run ethos providing a considerate and supportive environment towards our staff keeps our people enthusiastic, happy and helpful, and that cascades through to our external customers for an enjoyable experience and working relationship.

Professional on-site presentation

You will always know a Premier installer on-site - our vans are branded and our lads in full uniform.

When anyone visits your site, we will always be company branded and recognisable as Premier Roofing, giving you the comfort that you know exactly who is on your site, and also where we are when you need us.

Sustainable roofing

85% of our project installations contain sustainable products.

We will always promote the use of systems that are environmentally considerate in their performance.

Be this through their durability and subsequent longevity of life-span, sustainability, and performing cost of life analysis with the information available to us, so you know that you are always doing all you can to support the world that we live in.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, continually exploring and implementing new and innovative ways of reducing CO2 within the roofing industry. Wherever there is the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, we do it.

From installing 1000’s of m² of the Derbigum Olivine system (reducing 1.75kg of Co2 per m²), monitoring buildings thermal efficiency and reducing heat loss with solar panels and insulation, to pushing for paperless and economic working practices, Premier strives to lead the industry in our environmentally considerate operation and options.

Giving back to the environment

Here at Premier we are committed to management practices that minimise the potential negative environmental effects of our building activities.

We achieve this by practices including:

  • Encouraging the use of sustainable roofing materials with recycled content, as well as working with manufacturing partners who recycle waste bitumen products from factory waste and old roofing materials.
  • The use of the Olivine membrane, reducing atmospheric CO2 by 1.75kg per m² of installation, resulting in carbon reductions similar to that of planting a medium sized
  • tree for every 200m² installed.
  • Recommending thermal preservation solutions, including insulation and solar panels.
  • The use of our cloud based monitoring Premier App that reduces unnecessary site visits, for both clients and partners.
  • Paper reduction and energy efficient building solutions in our offices.

Safety from the ground up/roof down

At Premier Roofing, Health & Safety is of the highest priority. We are actively Health & Safety conscious in our adherence to site rules and our ways of working, and even employ our own in-house scaffold team to avoid risk from Working at Height issues.

We are accredited to a number of organisations, which can be found on our accreditations page. This illustrates our commitment to safety, health and the environment we operate in.

Greens Health & Safety provide us with our Health & Safety Documentation, Policies & Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Training Courses, including:

  • Directors Responsibility for Health and Safety
  • Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)
  • Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)
  • CSCS
  • UKATA Asbestos Awareness Category A*
  • Fire Warden
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Manual Handling

We are constantly undertaking further training and accreditation schemes, setting an unprecedented standard amongst the industry.

Our in-house scaffold team

We have our own in-house scaffold team which allows us to design the scaffold system safely and correctly from the off.

They are experienced in our installations, so they know exactly what they’ve got to do for the job, how our people work, and how it needs to be designed for the client (and we don’t charge you extra for this service).

Our Health & Safety accreditations

Premier Roofing are proud to have achieved and be accredited through the following organisations, including the Safe Contractor Scheme.

Health & Safety is key to the Premier Roofing ethos. We are consistently looking for ways to improve upon our health & safety systems, to ensure that our clients as well as our staff are healthy at home with their families at the end of each day.

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