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Roof Leak London

A huge number of factors can cause leaky roofs. The most common causes of leaky pitched roofs is damage to tiles or slate, worn or cracked mortar, blocked guttering or poor drainage. Poorly installed materials and flashing or weatherproofing can also cause many issues. With flat roofs the common causes of leaks are damage or wearing of the waterproof membrane and poor drainage.

It is essential to locate the source of leaks and conduct repairs as soon as possible. Unnoticed leaks can cause extensive damage even leading to compromising the structural integrity of the property. If you have noticed a leak or would like to have a roof survey conducted to make sure your roof is watertight the best course of action is to hire a professional roofing firm.

Premier Roofing Systems are a highly knowledge firm of contractors that specialise in repairing leaky roofs in North London. We work on all varieties of roof, from residential properties to garages, public buildings and commercial premises. Our skills and expertise allow us to work with a broad range of materials including various types of tiling and slate.

Our wealth of experience also allows us to quickly find the cause of leaks and conduct repairs, including any damage associated with the leak. We use the latest techniques and equipment to find even the smallest leaks before they become hugely problematic. All repair work is guaranteed for up to 25 years, depending on the type and extent of our work.

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