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Flat Roofing London

When it comes to understanding and addressing the need for maintenance and repair of flat roofing in North London, Premier Roofing Systems provide a peerless level of service, offering world class work at the most competitive rates that can be found. We take great pride in ensuring the work we carry out is both efficient and effective. Using our state of the art technology to analyse and understand issue affecting your roofing, we will always adopt an approach of repairing only the parts of the roof that are damaged rather than trying to convince you that an expensive full replacement is required. With us you are also assured that all repair and work carried out is resilient and will have a long lasting lifespan.

Whilst flat roofing provides many benefits for space management – in particular with respect to garages and commercial properties – there are some downsides to it. The biggest issue with having flat roofing in North London is undoubtedly waterproofing. With no natural run-off for rainwater as you get with sloped roofing, flat roofing is far more prone to being damaged by rain and having leaks occurring. At Premier Roofing we give you the best possible means to address and counter this, with our application of the most effective means of weatherproofing for your circumstances being applied. We are also the leading name in London for installing green roofing, which is increasing in popularity throughout the UK as a means of being environmentally friendly with insulation application.

When it comes to identifying any existing issues with your flat roofing, we offer an unequalled service. We can provide the highly valued service of infra red, thermographic roof scanning. This give a precise picture of your roofing, revealing cracks and moisture build ups that would be impossible to detect by just a visual inspection. In doing this we can indicate the areas of your flat roofing that need to be repaired, sparing you the expense and inconvenience of having the entire roofing replaced.

Our professional work is supported by a 25 year warranty on all roofing systems implemented. It has not been called on, but for your further peace of mind we also give you a lengthy guarantee on all workmanship carried out. With Premier Roofing your roofing requirements are in the hands of the tried and trusted experts, with our services in demand all across the UK.

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