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Commercial Roofing Edinburgh

Though our company origins are based around Northamptonshire, we always want to give the best services, no matter where the designated project location is. This is why we set up an office and team in Edinburgh to be able to server projects in Scotland too. We always want to ensure that the trust and dependence of our customers is never broken and so we always give our 100% professionalism. Premier Roofing Systems has the skills to be able to execute all outstanding project tasks that are given to us. We take our commercial roofing projects seriously – no matter how small or big. Our great success as an organisation filled with specialist contractors takes great pride in our approach of treating all roofing requirements in a way that is unique just as much as your circumstances.

We do not believe that there is an approach which is universal that can be applied to all roofing. Therefore, we take into account the location of the building, the condition of the roofing which is in place currently and the main purpose of the building and its valued purpose before we can put into place an approach.

Identifying the potential problem is of high importance before anything to ensure that we give the right service and ensure no mistakes or misleading problems affect our team’s workmanship. We have what you call a thermographic which is an infra-red technology to guide us with identifying issues needed fixing. This equipment we use allows us to see a far more accurate and detailed understanding alongside a traditional visual inspection. All of our tests indicate which part of the roofing is the weakest and is more likely to escalate further future problems – whether it is small cracks as such.

Our organisation always ensures 100% security on our protective measures which are put into place. Coating, cladding or protective covering we are able to fit for you. It will always be designed in the highest level form of insulation possible. This just ensures that you gain level of efficient energy.

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