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Flat Roofing Coventry

Our organisation, Premier Roofing Systems, is a renowned roof specialist. We hold a great reputation within our industry due to our work values and skills as a team. Our team is committed in offering all our clients the best quality of service without a huge price tag. Our expert roofers can provide a full range of our services. We provide a range from roof surveys, leak repairs and installing new roofs. We provide a wide variety of residential, commercial as well as industrial properties with either pitched or flat roofs.

We have a lot of services that we are able to provide. One of our newest service is green flat roofing. This is a very modern and eco-friendly innovation. It requires a number of layers with the top layer being a plant or grass level. Green roofs are becoming popular because they are not only environmentally friendly but they can give the best insulation. It also gives a bit of an aesthetic, beautiful ambience to a roof. Furthermore, a green roof has a longer life span than a tile or slate roof. This means that it will be able to withstand damages caused from debris, weather and UV exposure.

Our focus is on the greater innovation whilst combining the nurturing care for the environment with our green flat roofs. Whichever type of roof you choose reflects on the amount of maintenance it will be needing. Extensive roofs, being heavier, therefore requires regular surveys. With our specialism we can provide green roof insulations, regular maintenance and repairs of all types of flat roof.

You can always entrust us to do our work with 100% dedication, team effort, specialised trained skills and at the same time the passion at heart to be able to deliver the task, efficiently, but on time. Premier Roofing Systems provides these services in Coventry but also in all areas within the Northamptonshire region. Get in touch with us for more information.

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