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Pitched Roofing Corby

The main factor affecting your roofing choices is the common weather conditions in your geographical location. In the UK pitched roofs are the most popular because of the high volume of annual rainfall. The slope of a pitched roof is designed to direct water away from the property into appropriate receptacles, thereby protecting the property below from water damage.

Premier Roofing Systems are experts at all types of pitched roofing, offering services for customers throughout Northampton, Buckinghamshire and parts of North London. We can handle all pitched roof requirements, from new installations to renovations and all types of repair work.

Weather is the most common cause of damage to pitched roofs. Over time exposure to rain and snow can erode mortar, causing leaks. High winds can also loosen slate and tiles, causing slippages which leave gaps in the roof. Premier Roofing systems can take care of all of these basic repairs and handle more extensive work if required. We have repaired many roofs that have been extensively damaged by fires and water leaks that have remained hidden for long periods of time.

When working on a pitched roof we work with the strictest safety protocols in mind. The gradient of the roof and height can make jobs dangerous but all of our tradesmen are highly trained and in possession of quality, reliable safety equipment. We aim to complete all services in the timeliest manner and do so without extensive disruptions to inhabitants of the property.

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