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Pitched Roofing London

Pitched roofing is viable on the vast majority of properties in the UK due to the wet weather systems we frequently experience. It is the standard roofing choice because the gradient of the roof allows water to freely run off, thereby redirecting the volume of rainfall away from the property.

One of the major issues with pitched roofing is wear over time, especially if the materials used in roof construction are poor quality. Tiles and slate can be damaged over time and if badly fitted can be prone to slippage. This will in turn lead to leaks that allow water to enter the property and cause damage to contents and the structure.

Repairs and maintenance of pitched roofs should be conducted by a professional roofing company who can conduct the services safely and effectively. Premier Roofing Systems specialise in repairing pitched roofing in North London. They provide teams of reliable tradesmen with the experience of fixing pitched roofs on all scales, regardless of the materials they are constructed of.

All our tradesmen are well skilled and qualified to work on tile and slate roofs as well as more traditional lead and decorative copper ones. When repairing a pitched roof we understand how important it is to conduct a full survey first in order to locate any unidentified damage. Once the survey is completed we can complete any type of repair including fitting new slate or tiles, structural work and waterproofing.

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